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OHAIR Skin Protectant

OHAIR Skin Protectant

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Introducing OHAIR skin protection. This product is used to add an extra layer/barrier before applying the glue. You will still need to clean your skin off with Seabreeze or Alcohol before use to rid of any dirt's or oils.



  • Step 1: Spray a layer of the skin protectant on above your cap and only on skin z
  • Step 2; blow dry until fully dry. You may repeat this process if you are wanting 2-3 layers of protection 
  • Step 3; apply the glue as normal in thin and even layers. 


This product is good for protection of skin, and if you are more oily or sweatier and need a barrier between your skin and the glue. Please make sure to keep top on when not in use and keep away from children and keep away from eyes and mouth.

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