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OHairthebrand melting spray. Designed for all skin types, our Melt Spray ensures a seamless fusion and provides added support when paired with OHairthebrand lace glue. It offers versatility as a temporary adhesive for quick wig applications. However, please note that when used alone, IT IS NOT  WATERPROOF or SWEAT-PROOF. For enhanced durability, we recommend using OHairthebrand lace glue.

Directions for Melt Spray:

  1. Spray Melt Spray directly onto the lace or apply small amounts onto your finger and press it into the lace.
  2. Apply the melt band and allow it to sit for 20 minutes for optimal results, witnessing the seamless fusion.

Directions for Temporary Glueless Hold:

  1. Spray Melt Spray onto your skin, applying multiple layers as desired (2-3 layers recommended).
  2. Use a cool blow dryer until the spray becomes tacky (not overly dry) for effective adhesion.
  3. Once tacky, gently apply your lace, pressing it into the melt spray.
  4. Hold the lace in place and use a cool blow dryer.
  5. After securing the lace, spray Melt Spray on top and tie down for 15-20 minutes for the best outcome.

Elevate your hair game with OHairthebrand Melt Spray for a flawless and hassle-free experience.

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